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Links to Other Geolibertarian Organizations

We are interested in linking to organizations that share a geolibertarian perspective. Right now we are focused on the land monopoly issue, where we have the most expertise. However, we will soon be linking to organizations with geolibertarian positions on other fundamental monopolies, including money and banking, education and information monopolies, and pseudo-democratic processes that create governing monopolies.

The Earthsharing site examines land tenure issues from a geolibertarian perspective, with more emphasis on Green values

The Democratic Freedom Caucus promotes geolibertarian ideas within the Democratic Party.

The Banneker Center for Economic Justice Is a pleasantly entertaining site with interesting materials on economic policies as they relate to land use and taxation.

The Henry George School Gopher Site has a wealth of economic materials about land value taxation and free trade.

The Henry George Institute conducts courses on fundamental economics and free trade issues by mail and by e-mail. It's basic courses are quite good, although it sometimes takes positions that are more geoliberal than geolibertarian.

The History of Economic Thought site is a great source for tracts by economists and economic philosophers.