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Who are the Geolibertarians?

We Geolibertarians distinguish ourselves from right-wing, "royal" libertarians by our profound respect for the principle that one has private property in the fruits of one's labor. This includes the fruits of mental labor and the results of reinvestment of legitimate private property (capital) in future production. We remain consistent in that respect by recognizing, as did the classic liberals, that land and raw natural resources are not the fruits of labor, but a common heritage to be accessed on terms that are equal under the law for everyone. The statist system of land tenure empowers non-producing landlords to extract the fruits of tenants' labor.

We also consider ourselves "green" in our respect for the earth as our common heritage. However, we clearly distinguish between land as common property and land as state property. Unlike left-wing or "watermelon" greens, we advocate governance of land in harmony with free market principles, and deny the right of statist bureaucracies to meddle in the affairs of individual land holders. We see ourselves as embracing the best attributes of the Green and Libertarian parties.

Geolibertarians also believe in free trade, with no state support for monopoly privileges of any kind. We therefore oppose money monopolies, information monopolies, a host of lesser monopolies, and most of all, monopoly of the power to govern, as embodied by statist political systems. We are not nihilistic anarchists. We believe that monopoly privileges can be gently and methodically displaced without disrupting to society, even when statists resort to violence to prevent it.

Geolibertarian organizations and links

Land and tax reform
Money reform
Information access reform
Democratic process reform

Famous people with geolibertarian ideas

Classic liberals (Jefferson, Locke, Mill, Paine, Adam Smith, etc.
Modern libertarians (Choderov, Nock, Hess, Nolan, etc)
Other famous people (Churchill, Einstein, Tolstoy, etc)

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